Is dasham granth or Guru Granth the Guru?

Guru Gobind Singh jee fixed the Damdamee Beer as the Guru Granth for the Sikhs for ever in 1708 AD. Then Guru jee bowed before the eternal Guru Granth just as Guru Nanak bowed before Guru Angad after installing him the Guru.Dasham granth was not awarded Guruship by any Guru, even this granth did not exist at the time of Guru Gobind Singh jee. It did not exist till 1740 AD according to Sikh history. Any writing outside the Guru Granth can not be accepted as the Guru though it may belong to any Guru, may be Saint Kabir’s Beechak granth, Saint Ravidas’s baanee, Saint Jai Dev’s Geet Gobind book. Religious books other than The GURU GRANTH CAN NOT EARN THE STATUS OF THE GURU. Sikhs have only one Guru not two and that is Guru Granth Saahib.


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