SARAN in Guru Granth Saahib

Though ignorant say that ‘saran’ word is there but there is no such word used in the scripture. Saran means a disease of animals due to which they can not walk properly. The word is not saran but sharan meanibg shelter. Similarly saranaaee is sharnaaee, saranaagat is sharanaagat, saranee is sharanee, saaran is shaaran, saranaagatee is sharanaagatee, saranaaio is sharanaaio. In the evening paath at the Golden Temple a line is read as ‘saran pare kee raakhahu saramaa’. The words spoken as saran and saramaa are 100 percent wrong. They are sharan and sharamaa. Saran is the Sanskrit word sharan meaning shelter and saramaa is from Persian word sharam meaning honor.The word saramaa has never been used by the writers because its meaning is ‘a bitch’ as written in Rig Vedaa. Saramaa is sharamaa and saram (Persian) is sharam.


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