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Guru Granth and Dasham Granth

December 17, 2009

Shree Guru Granth Saahib.
Shree Guru Granth Saahib was first compiled by the 5th Guru as Kartaarpuree beerh/aadi Beerh and  completed by adding the writings of the 9th Guru at Talwandi Saabo by the 10th Guru and was called Damdamee Beerh. Guruship was awarded by the 10th Guru himself to the Damdamee Beerh. Tenth Guru bowed before this Beerh and ordered the Sikhs in 1708 AD to accept it their eternal Guru after him. Damdamee Beerh is now called Shree Guru Granth Saahib. Naanak seal is used in all the writings of the Gurus while other writers have used their individual names. Every writing bears the name of the writer.
Dasham Granth.
This Granth had no existence when the 10th Guru awarded Guruship to the Damdamee Beer in 1708 AD. Dasham Granth came into being after more than 30 years of eternal rest of the 10th Guru. Massa rangarh was killed in 1740 AD by Sukhkha Singh and Mehtab Singh and there was no Dasham Granth at that time according to the Sikh history. Dasham Granth was not awarded Guruship by the Guru because this Granth was not prepared by him. It is therefore clear that Dasham Granth is not the Guru of the Sikhs. Any writing outside the Guru Granth can not be accepted as the Guru. For example Beechak Granth is said to be written by saint Kabir but not included in the Guru Granth. Geet Gobind is a book of devotional songs written by saint Jai Dev but not included in the Guru Granth by the fifth Guru. No Sikh can accept Beechk Granth and Geet Gobind book as the Guru though other writings of both the saint are there in Guru Granth. The writings in the Guru Granth (except raagmaalaa which is rejected by the  Code of Sikh conventions by the SGPC ) has the status of the Guru and the writings outside the Guru Granth, may be meaningful for life, can not have the status of the Guru and can not be worshipped as  Guru Granth. Similarly Sooraj Prakaakh Granth, Panth Prakaash and other such books are worth readable and respectable but can not be installed as the Guru. God is only one and Guru is only one for the Sikhs.


SARAN in Guru Granth Saahib

December 9, 2009

Though ignorant say that ‘saran’ word is there but there is no such word used in the scripture. Saran means a disease of animals due to which they can not walk properly. The word is not saran but sharan meanibg shelter. Similarly saranaaee is sharnaaee, saranaagat is sharanaagat, saranee is sharanee, saaran is shaaran, saranaagatee is sharanaagatee, saranaaio is sharanaaio. In the evening paath at the Golden Temple a line is read as ‘saran pare kee raakhahu saramaa’. The words spoken as saran and saramaa are 100 percent wrong. They are sharan and sharamaa. Saran is the Sanskrit word sharan meaning shelter and saramaa is from Persian word sharam meaning honor.The word saramaa has never been used by the writers because its meaning is ‘a bitch’ as written in Rig Vedaa. Saramaa is sharamaa and saram (Persian) is sharam.