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Is wahiguru in Guru Granth?

January 6, 2009

Is wahiguroo/wahguroo word   in Guroo Granth ?

When the writers wrote gurabaanee there was no gaps left between the words. all were connected. By bad luck that order was changed by the publishers and now we see gaps between the words in the sentences. By misunderstanding when showing gaps wahi and guru two words, which were separate, were joined to form the word ‘wahiguru’. Wahiguru word does not mean God. Because wahi means great and guru means sikh Gurus. These words were used by the Bhat poets in the praise of the sikh Gurus not in the praise of God. In all the writings in gurabaanee wahiguru word has never been used in the connected form. Wahu and guru/guroo words separately have been used but not side by side. Never wahi and guru words were used in the joint form by any of the gurus and other writers. Only Bhat poets used these words separately in the praise of the sikh Gurus and not relating to God. Wahu word separately have been used by the Gurus but not immediately before the word Guru. For more info read 10th volume of  shree Guru Granth Darpan by prof. Sahib Singh.


Sasrikal or sati-shree-akaal

January 6, 2009

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sa-sri kaal or sati shree akaal

in answer to ‘bolai so nihaal’ more than 80 per cent say ‘sa-sri kaal’ which is meaningless: sa=that one, sri= with the arrows/happened/went out—, kaal=time/death. True words are ‘sati shree akaal’ that means God is true/God has existance.