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Bhagat and bhagati.

December 10, 2008

Hello Gursikh world!

bhagati (meditation) and bhagat (meditators) both words can not be spoken the same way. The readers leave the ‘i’ sound attached by the Gurus at the end of the word bhagati and speak it as bhagat, thereby changing the meaning of the word bhagati. When bhagati word is spoken as bhagat the meaning changes. ‘teree bhagati’ can not be spoken as ‘teree bhagat’. When we can not say ‘teree glass’, ‘teree boot’ , ‘teree godaa’ , ‘teree kuttaa’ we can not say ‘teree bhagat’. because teree is feminine pronoun which can not be attached to a masuline word. So bhagati and bhagat words should always be spoken differently as they have different build up (shabad jor).


Not akaal moorat but akaal moorati

December 6, 2008

Hello world!

Akaal moorat or Akaal moorati?

Akaal moorat is wrong to say as it will mean God 48 minutes. Moorat=48 minutes

Akaal moorti is correct to say as it will mean God is such a personality that is free from the effects of time. The ‘i’ sound after ‘t’ is very very important to take into account while speaking the word.

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