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SATNAM OR satinaamu? Which is true?

June 5, 2007

in guru granth the word satinaamu occures. In some books it is written as satnam which is

against the writing pattern , the sounds attached to t and m must be written along with and spoken too.


Word sree/siree and Prof Darshan Singh jee

June 5, 2007

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In the media Prof Darshan Singh is being seen to express his views about Dasham Granth. In his talk he  always uses the word siree with Guru Granth Saahib which is improper and 100 per cent wrong. Many other raagees also commit the same mistake showing their ignorance about the Sanskrit word shree. When the top preachers are ignorant about the correct pronunciation of the words from Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian languages how can the common Sikhs get true guidance? If some body uses the word siree with the holy book, with the names of the ten Gurus and the religious places it means unknowingly he/she is disgracing the pious names and places. The Bhatt poets and other writers used the word shree with the names of the Gurus and God. The word shree has two meanings in the holy book. One is grace and the other is wealth/maaiaa.  The word siree in the holy book is used in the meaning of ‘created’. Here are some lines from the scripture:- Use of the word shiree:-
1)  siree guroo siree guroo sati jeeu. page GGS 1403. Here siree=shiree meaning graceful
2) sree rang baikunth ke vaasee. Page GGS 1082. here sree=shree meaning maaiaa.
3) sree raam naamaa ucharu manaa. Page GGS 155. Here sree=shree meaning graceful.
Use of word siree:-
tishe na boojhai jini eh siree. Page GGS 890. Here siree=siree meanibg created.
Other meanings of the word siree are-
A small head of a goat or a snake, a plank with dead body on it etc (mahaan kosh).